The State Government and Tourism Victoria HAVE PROPOSED FOUR POTENTIAL SITES AT COWES TO CONSTRUCT a large piEr, docking terminal and car park for a proposed Car FerrY. oNE OF THOSE SITES IS west cowes beach, .

One of  the current four preferred locations is just East of Anderson Road boat ramp, which would have major negative impacts on the West Cowes Beach, including:

  • Loss of the community's recreational beach
  • Likely loss of boat ramp
  • Endangers Hooded Plover & Echidnas on site
  • Potential dredging endangers beach survival
  • Visual eyesore of massive ferry pier/car park
  • Reduced access to beach / cuts beach in two
  • Significant traffic congestion on local streets
  • Prioritising commercial interests over residents
  • This second drop off point adds cost and time

We need to send a strong message that this is a totally unsatisfactory location for such a large commercial activity. The Government must find a location that won't take away from what makes Phillip Island so special.

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