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Re : Objection To ANY Proposal for a Vehicle Ferry Terminal Docking Facility to be constructed in the vicinity of the Anderson Road Boat Ramp, Cowes, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

Please be advised this is my formal written objection letter to any proposal to locate a vehicle ferry docking facility at the above locations for the following reasons:

  1. The beach is a community asset and this would destroy the visual amenity and reduce access to the beautiful sandy, rare north facing, family beach area;
  2. A large section of beach will be unusable due to the rock wall and concrete pier about 30-50 meters wide;
  3. Erosion effect from dredging and large ferry motion, the negative impact to sandy beach with rock walls eg Sorrento, Queenscliff and Portsea;
  4. Negative impact on wildlife – Hooded Plover nesting area, seals, dolphins, native birdlife;
  5. Loss of existing boat trailer parking for boat ramp users; 
  6. Loss of existing car parking for beach users;
  7. This is a Commercial activity in a residential area; This is no at all suitable
  8. This is a recreational boating, fishing, sailing area - its not suitable a large commercial vessel;
  9. Negative increased traffic impact – up to 40 cars hourly and possibly buses coming off and on the vehicle ferry, initially, and this could become a large vehicle ferry over time;
  10. Negative impact on Noise from the ferry and the many vehicles
  11. Negative impact on surrounding residents of traffic, light and noise; and
  12. Loss of native vegetation.

       Yours Sincerely,


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